Mina Regler:

Jag KRÄVER total Lydnad! 100%!
♔ du ska visa Mig din lydnad genom antingen text, bilder eller videos - Det är viktigt att Jag ser hur patetisk just du är!
♔ Jag gör foto session där Jag visar hur många fina saker Jag köpt för dina pengar.
♔ Efter att du varit slav hos Mig under en tid ska vi skriva ett kontrakt emellan dig och Mig. Kontraktet är personligt och kommer endast vara mellan dig och Mig!
♔ du är antingen Månads slav med x summa varje månad.
Eller en Summa slav - där du tex sponsrar Min sko shopping.


1 oktober 2013


Be sure not to miss my latest entry in My private blog at: SWEDISH MISTRESS - THE GODDESS SITE

I will continue to write about slaves who has misbehaved and if you're not careful I might even show a picture or two of your ugly bodies...!! Visit now and become a looser in MY HAREM........

29 juni 2013


I'm on search for a new Harem domain for My site. So if any of you slaves have any good suggestions, email Me.
Also, blogger's removing their 'adult section' so I don't know if My blog will affect from that, eitherway...
Every slave on My previous site have My email AND those of you who were considering emailing Me can do so at: itsmistressforyou@gmail.com

21 februari 2012

My Harem has been updated..

1st Video of Instruction from your Swedish GODdess - NOW UPDATED at My Harem. A place for only true followers and devotees to be.

(link left side of the screen)

Only for True WORSHIP...

your Swedish Mistress

2 januari 2012

your Swedish Mistress

Hello loosers!

I am back from Vacation, Christmas and MY wonderful New year!
I hope you've all had a good time while I've been gone - meaning worshipping Me, My pictures and VIDEOS at My Website ( at the left of this screen ) !!

Those who have been behaving last year have gotten a chance to see a little from My New Year - in different forms... you know who you are.
The rest of you ... nah, no treats for you disbehaving wankers!!

Sooooooooo.. be sure to Visit your Mistress often this Year cause it's going to be a hell of ride being a slave of Mine!!!!!

30 november 2011

Mistress in Hot Pink - Teaser Video

Screencapture from one of My latest updates at My Site...
My Site has been updated with yet Another Teaser Video for tributers to WORSHIP.. only for My devotees!

The rest of you loosers will just have to sit there and be the useless pricks you really are!

And never see such Exquisite Beauty as Me!

18 november 2011

Swedish Mistress Site - Updated

I've updated My Site.

At My site I have a ONLY devotee section, with new unseen pictures of Me, videos, and more fetish like picture galleries.
Again, it's only for tributers, if you DO NOT tribute, you WILL NOT become a member - a devotee.
Simple as that. I do not care if you've tribute:d to Me once.
you tribute: Monthly/weekly or Keep my Shoe collection content - or you will get kicked out - which a few of you have already had the pleasure to be... heehee.
So either you get in - or get out - and stay out!